Vertical Screw Up

for LD40 the more you have, the worse it is,
The more medals you have the worse it is, the core idea was you earn medals for doing well and the more medals you have the less of the screen you can see
in order to vary the medals the enemies are colour coded, colours relate to rewards as seen to the left, also killing sprees of the same colour cause medals to disappear faster.


  • Arrows or WASD - move
  • Space Bar - shoot
  • P or Enter - pause

After Dev Notes:

This is my first game jam game, found it hard coming up with a concept, while I think the concept hit the stride of stupid and fun I wanted, my implementation isn't the most awe inspiring, I particularly had trouble finding a decent way to balance the players power and the enemies power while still increasing the amount of medals on screen. Side note on the medals, more than kill sprees were going to exist, but they seemed to do the job well enough.

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • InkScape
  • Audacity
  • Roland SH-201


Source Code (zip) 67 MB

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