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You're on a date in a castle, your date is rich and funding your war, keep her happy to get more gold, converse with your date to the right, audio cuse and reaction text will clue you in to whether you are impressing or upsetting her. Ignoring her will upset her, if she becomes upset enough she will damage your base from the inside.

Left click or drag Left click to select your base (the textured castle) and or units, Right click to move and or set rally for your units. Units abilities are displayed and selectable at the bottom. While selected units display their damage range, attacks are passive.
Your Units are:

- The Worker (Costs 50 Gold) - fast, weak, low dps, but with the ability to saccrifice itself to heal a nearby units
- The Ranger (Costs 100 Gold) - slow, weak, high dps, with an outstanding range
- The Tank (Costs 200 Gold) - slow, strong, high dps, close range, with the ability to siege / destroy enemy Nests

Destroy all enemy nests to win, a nest will only be destroyed when a tank sieges without any other enemies in range.


- Left Click - Select
- Right Click - Move Command
- Middle Click (Hold) - Scroll with mouse on Screen bounds
- W, A, S, D - Scroll while mouse on Screen

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, Play.


windows (zipped) 10 MB
source 1 MB

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